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A Story you must know...

Suppose there is a Salon that is owned by a person named James, he has one employee named Berta. James once goes to a well-known salon and finds out that the salon offers three types of membership scheme - silver member (5% discount), gold member(10% discount), and platinum member (15% discount). He figures that it would require a computer, Nfc equipped cards, card reader, hire an employee for handling a computer, and various other expenses to implement such a scheme. Luckily James found FuturePoint Business for him, FuturePoint Employee for Berta and FuturePoint for his customers.

James had FuturePoint Business installed, Berta had FuturePoint Employee installed. They began with their usual day and customers flocked in. One such customer was Rose. Rose was a regular customer at James Salon. She frequented the salon once every two months to take care of her needs. After having facial done, she was about to pay to James, he interrupted, "Rose do you have a membership? You can get a 10% discount with gold membership and a 15% discount with a premium membership". Rose was very interested in saving the money she used the opportunity to inquire and finally bought a premium membership from James at 2000Rs. After obtaining membership, Rose frequented the salon once every month to save more! A win-win for the customer and the owner of the salon.

What is FuturePoint?

FuturePoint is a service which enables you to implement membership schemes without the need of buying expensive computers or laptops or hiring an additional worker to look after the bought computer. FuturePoint utilizes your phone and your employees phone and gives you a chance to create membership schemes. FuturePoint not only helps with that, but is also gives you the power to sell your services in bulk using token system of FuturePoint.

Using FuturePoint, you can quickly implement Membership schemes, and sell memberships to your customers. Some of the places where Membership schemes are useful are: Saloons, Gyms, Hotels, Shops, Spa's, etc.

Implementing Membership Scheme allows your customer to save money and inturn it gives them initiative to spend more to save money. Also, Selling services in bulk has its own benefits, It allows quick cash which you can utilize to further grow your business.

Why FuturePoint?

Retain Your Customers

Your customer comes more. They spend more given the discount.

Save A Lot

Save money by cutting cost of Computer, Hiring a person to handle the computer, Membership Cards, Database handling,etc.

Enable Bulk Order

You can implement bulk orders using FuturePoint Token System. Sell tokens to your customer of a specific product.

Easy to learn

Using FuturePoint is very easy. If you have any doubts, feel free to contact us, we are always ready to help you.

Utilize your Crew

FuturePoint lets you utilize your existing employees. It helps bring out maximum efficiency, yet keeping all the control with you.